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Please reach out to confirm.

Jo & Co. Agent:

Splits based on last year's performance or this year's projected performance..
10M and up 20%
Under 10M 30%

Fee Per Transaction
$0 per transaction.

E&O Fee
$0 per transaction.

Office & Technology Fee
$0 a month if you have a closing.
$150 a month if you do not have a closing.

We have a temporary office on Louetta Road & Champion Forest Drive.

Brand New Agents

First 5 transactions must be done with a mentor. Mentor receives 10%.
Must attend mandatory training on a regular basis.


We are part of the #1 coaching agency in the world. You would have access to our coach, the mastermind worthy Facebook group, and an opportunity to attend the year-round coaching events.

Coming soon

An office on Spring Cypress Road with an onsite gym.
The Commons: a community space.
And so much more.


We use BackAgent for transaction management.
We offer training: general real estate classes, BackAgent, ZipForms, Canva, Google, and more.

Team Agents:

Please reach out to us to discuss availability.